Behind The Lens - John Fawcett

Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine. Years of experience in custom photo labs, wedding photography studios, and freelance newspaper work, as well as my training as a graphic artist has helped to develop my artistic vision. My interest in photography began at age eleven when I received a Kodak InstaMatic camera for Christmas. My new hobby was generously supported by my parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles, who not only provided film and processing, but also much expert advice and encouragement along with a modest array of equipment.

My first 35mm single-lens reflex camera, a Nikon FM, was purchased in 1978. This rugged little camera allowed me much greater creative control and I quickly learned that while equipment and technical knowledge were not the only factors in creating great photographs they certainly played an important role.

I used the Nikon FM for many years and it performed flawlessly on many adventures from winter mountaineering trips to New Hampshire to high altitude mountaineering in Ecuador. Times change, technology advances and I eventually went digital with the Nikon D70. The D70 was used extensively for a number of years until I got an iPhone 3G at which point became a passionate iphoneographer. The D70 was then reserved for more “serious” efforts. Of course I’ve been upgrading my gear ever since.

Although my equipment and technique have evolved, my work is still driven by the same sense of wonder and discovery that was inspired in me as a child. From childhood my parents taught my siblings and I to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature and wild places.

Being mere minutes from the wonderful Cuyahoga Valley National Park, I consider myself fortunate to live in an area with so many amazing photo opportunities close to home. Many of the photos showcased on this site were taken on local day trips although I am certainly known for returning home with many hundreds of photographs from weeklong adventures.

Like many enthusiasts, I have a full time job, but for many years my full time passion has been nature photography. Regular escapes to wild places provide me with a healing balance to my daily life. My nature and landscape photography has developed from my love for these adventures and growth experiences.

The challenge of creating unique images of nature and landscapes through photography has become my personal way of experiencing the wonders of nature. I am especially grateful to be able to share my favorite photographs with people who love, respect and depend on nature to enhance their lives as I do.

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